Relationships matter and how we choose to build them says a lot about who we are. When you spend time with your family you are creating something that matters, memories. Memories are what bind families together as a collective whole. They are the glue that keeps you together when times get tough. While the big moments in life are important and matter a great deal, they are often not what creates the most special memories. The everyday moments are where some of the brightest and best memories are created. They are where families are made.

When you look back you see all the moments strung together. The really exciting times, where you jump up and down and scream this is the best day ever and the everyday moments. Most of the time the ones that stand out the most are the little moments that add up to big memories. For me it's how every night before bed, my mom would get out my great grandma’s china teacups and brew a steaming cup of lemon tea for us. We’d curl up in the red recliner, read books while we sipped tea and ate one mini Hershey’s mint chocolate bar. So many parts of our relationship were built there in those nightly moments. So much of who I am today came from that place. I wish that I had images that told this part of our story.

That is why this. To help you tell the story of how your family is made. To document the everyday moments that are helping build strong connections and relationships within your family. To tell your family story, because it is the story worth telling.

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